The Top 7 Funniest Calendars in the World (Well Almost)

Since 2012 is about to end, most people who love to laugh would rather shop for calendars that will tickle their funny bones. Of course what makes you laugh will be different to what makes me laugh. But still, here’s seven of the world’s funniest calendar finds for 2012 and 2013:

cat cartoon a day 2013 calendar1. Cat Cartoon-A-Day 2013 Desk Calendar

This calendar contains the fur-bulous adventures and misadventures of our feline friends through the eyes of cartoonist Jonny Hawkins. Curious to know how cats see us as humans? Cat lovers will probably agree with their cats while flicking the pages of each month. If given the chance to read your cats mind, you’ll be amused just how many cat jokes there are in each cleverly depicted scene of everyday life.

2. Funny Monkeys 2013 Calendar

Who can resists the mischievous smiles of chimpanzees as they move and strike unknowingly funny poses for this calendar? This environmentally safe calendar (pages printed using earth-friendly inks) shows monkeys in playful moments, doing things similar to humans but seen in a funny way like picking their noses in public. The Funny Monkeys 2013 calendar is loud and full of energy!

awkward family photos 2012 calendar3. Awkward Family Photos 2012 Wall Calendar

The Awkward Family Photos 2012 Wall Calendar features shots of uncomfortable moments with the people we love the most. Each month features photos and a commentary that will keep you laughing… “Painful, regrettable, horrifyingly awesome snaps of family bonding.” We’ve all had those moments and when a camera is around to record it, the awkward family photo is born…

4. Kid Quotes 2012 Wall Calendar – Funny Kid Quotes

With a lighthearted touch of wisdom, these cute kid quotes will keep you smiling for days. Kids say the most amazing things: honest, amusing and wonderfully entertaining. The Kids Quotes 2012 wall calendar captures this beautiful point of view with a year full of quotes from everyday kids. These wise wee-ones share the most sincere and silly musings on friendship, love and even marriage.

365 stupidest things ever said calendar 2013

5. The 365 Stupidest Things Ever Said 2013 Page-A-Day Calendar

This 2012 and 2013 desk calendar features a hilarious roundup of famous people, from sports stars and politicians to entertainers saying the silliest things.

Throw in some weird-as-you-can-get book titles, odd headlines and racy store ads and you have a strangely funny calendar that might explain a lot about the world today!

6) Duh! 2013 Box Calendar

When it comes to catching your tickling your funny bones, the Duh! Calendar has been around for a few years now. What makes this one of the best selling box calendars is the funny depictions of the dumbest acts that a person can make. (We’re all guilty of that sometimes!)

Authored by Bob Fenster and published by Andrew McNeel, this daily humorous look at everyday life is well worth your pocket money. Chase the doldrums away with a sneak peek into some of the stupidest bloopers. You’ll laugh. Lots.

insult a day calendar 20137. Insult-A-Day 2013 Calendar: Scathing quips and gibes

The brother and sister’ Ross and Kathryn Petras have come up with their “Stupid Calendar” after a successful stint focusing on all of the stupidest topics imaginable. Poking fun at each other since their childhood days, they wanted to catch each other off guard on who is more dimwitted than the other.

So, in a nutshell, I guess you could say that stupid pays. (Being really silly does too!) Between these two people they have sold an estimated 5 million dollars focusing on this central theme: A humorous look on stupidity. We can all use a good insult now and then!

You can insult my choices of funny calendars in the comments below…

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