The Bitchy Moment Calendar

Life is a bitch. There are good days, bad days, and the really ugly days that you don’t believe your luck for such confluence of misfortunes. Usually too at a time when you have just received some good news (psychotherapy, anyone?)

Thanks to Murphy’s Law, bitchiness is getting its status as a national institution. Unreasonable demands, tall orders and horrible bosses are always there to splash acid to your otherwise postcard-worthy days. And what are you to do?

Well, you can either bitch back, or buy an irreverent calendar, take a deep breath and rip off a page as you let off steam. Don’t forget to read the smart remarks and sassy quips first. You just might find that misfortunes are universal and democratic, that even the best of us get maltreated by the universe sometimes, as these calendars will attest.

Daily Bitch 2012 Desk Calendar

daily bitch 2012 desk calendarAttitude. Year-round. This is what this calendar is all about. The Daily Bitch Desk calendar is good to read when you think you have just been served the short end of the stick. Nice to wrap in fancy paper and toss around to like-minded friends too (or placed in a box and thrown in the direction of your aggressor). Whenever you feel the cosmic black hole suck you in, there is no need to retreat to a corner and sulk. Read, ponder and, though it may be a challenge, smile.

Getting in Touch with Your Inner Bitch 2013 Desk Calendar

getting in touch with your inner bitch 2013 desk calendarHave you been way too nice for too long? Well, 2013 should be different! Don’t play nice girl no more. Written by Elizabeth Hilts, the Getting in Touch with Your Inner Bitch calendar is going to lead you there and back. The calendar has empow-her-ed women worldwide for the last 9 years.

Getting in Touch with Your Inner Bitch calendar is chockful of nuggets of sassy wisdom and antidote to the perversity that the universe is sometimes known to have.

The B Word 2013 Wall (and Engagement) Calendar

the B word 2013 wall calendarThis 16-month weekly engagement planner features retro women who dared to step out of their mold and said the darndest things.

Of course, we now know that darn is cool, and these women are clearly ahead of their time. Reading the B Word calendar all year long might let their bad-asstitude rub off on you.

Wild Words from Wild Women 2013 Desk Calendar

wild words from wild women 2013 desk calendarCoco Chanel was not afraid to liberate the corseted woman from her constraints in the same way that she did not bat an eyelash when she said “You live but once, you might as well be amusing.”

At a time when talking about sex was taboo, the famous (and infamous) women of this calendar talked about it like they gossiped about shopping. No one was spared, not even their men and their marriages. And yes, not even their cooking. If you are looking for inspiration to be a bit more outspoken, the Wild Words from Wild Women calendar is sure to get your juices flowing!

Good judgement comes from experience, and
experience comes from bad judgement.
– Rita Mae Brown

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