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make your own calendar from photobox

Make your own calendar in 7 easy steps

Ready to make your own calendar? I’m using Photobox (who have like 22 million members who share photos and create photo books etc) to create an A3 (30cm wide x 40cm) wall calendar. What style of calendar to create? Anything you want! There’s a range of different types of calendars (see below) you can use […]

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The Bitchy Moment Calendar

Life is a bitch. There are good days, bad days, and the really ugly days that you don’t believe your luck for such confluence of misfortunes. Usually too at a time when you have just received some good news (psychotherapy, anyone?) Thanks to Murphy’s Law, bitchiness is getting its status as a national institution. Unreasonable […]

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Can Daily Calendars organize your life?

Did you know you can use a daily calendar to organize your life? Yes even if you’re incredibly busy with the world’s greatest responsibilities, you can still use daily calendars to manage everyday essentials, urgent projects or tasks. Now I don’t know about you (I can’t mind read just yet) but I have more plans, […]

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