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Welcome to the CalendarToPrint all new 2013 printable blank calendar.

This template is PDF based which means it can be opened in most documents. You just need to download and print, add in your own plans and projects.

Print as much as you need and please bookmark this page for when you need more calendar templates.

Calendar To Print offers you free printable calendars carefully formatted for your needs. Whether you’re after a 2012 calendar, a wicked 2013 space calendar or print-ready blank calendar templates, our calendars are “home made” and available!

The printable blank calendar looks like

printable blank calendar 2013 template for download

The printable calendar above is my first design – a prototype for 2013 so any issues let me know!


printable blank calendar 2013

Close up of the notes section – if you have some ideas how it should look contact me!


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How to use your blank calendar:

This blank calendar comes in the standard PDF format. Download to your hard drive, add in your own details, dates and projects. You know what to do!

“If at first you don’t succeed, you’re running about average.”
— M.H. Alderson.

Today’s printable calendar tip:

The Power Of Positive Self-Talk

The optimistic person responds quickly (to) adverse events and interprets it as being temporary, specific and external to himself. The optimist takes full control of his inner dialogue and counters the negative feelings by immediately reframing the event so that it appears positive in some way.

Napoleon Hill, who, prior to writing his best-selling books on success, interviewed 500 of the most successful people in America, concluded that “Contained within a setback or disappointment is the seed of an equal or greater advantage or benefit.” And this is one of the great secrets of success.

Since your conscious mind can hold only one thought at a time, either positive or negative, if you deliberately choose a positive thought to dwell upon, you keep your mind optimistic and your emotions positive.

Since your thoughts and feelings determine your actions, you will tend to be a more constructive person, and you will move much more rapidly toward the goals that you have chosen.

It all comes down to the way you talk to yourself on a regular basis. In our courses of problem solving and decisions making, we encourage people to respond to problems by changing their language from negative to positive.

Instead of using the word problem, we encourage people to use the word situation. You see, a problem is something that you deal with. The event is the same. It’s the way you interpret the event to yourself that makes it sound and appear completely different.

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