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Calendars To Print offers free printable calendars carefully formatted for your needs.

Whether you’re after 2010 calendars, 2011 calendar blanks or easy to use blank calendar templates, our calendars are easily printed on any printer after download.

The calendar pages to print look like:

calendar pages to print


calendar pages to print 2010
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Calendar Pages to Print 2011 (US Size)
Calendar Pages to Print 2011 (A4 Size)

These calendar pages to print come in a Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
Download to your hard drive and open and print. Add your own details, dates and projects.

How to use your calendar pages:

These calendar templates come in 2 sizes: European (A4) and US sizing which is about 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches. So just choose the size you need and then print out your calendar. And by the way, make sure to tell your friends about this site too by ‘liking’ us on Facebook or Google Plus!

This particular calendar template starts January 2011 and finishes January 2012 and comes unzipped as a simple Adobe PDF. With 14 pages and monthly notes, this is a full year for 2011. Simply print as is.

“Put your heart, mind, intellect and soul even to your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.”
— Swami Sivananda.

Today’s printable calendar tip:

“Transforming bad habits”

If someone were to tell you that you could learn to type 30, 40 or 50 words per minute by taking a typing course and practicing an hour each day for the next few months, you would shrug your shoulders and say, “Of course!”

Everybody knows that you can acquire a particular physical skill by learning how it is done and then repeating it over and over again until it becomes automatic.

But when it comes to mental habit patterns, most people are a little baffled. They don’t realize that you can learn mental habit patterns by following exactly the same process that you would use to learn physical habit patterns. And mental habit patterns will have a far greater impact on your life and happiness than any physical habit pattern ever could.

Once you have recognized the old, negative habit patterns that do not serve your purposes, you can determine what new habit patterns you would like to adopt. Begin this process by looking around and determining the people that you admire the most, both living and dead.

Ask yourself: What qualities do they have? Which of their characteristics do you most wish to have for yourself? Then make a plan to incorporate those ideal habits into your own character and personality.

You know that you can shape a piece of clay into any desired form. You can also shape your own character and personality by simply deciding to do so. I won’t say that it is easy. Changing your beliefs and attitudes about yourself is one of the most difficult undertakings you will ever face.

But it is definitely possible and achievable if you dedicate the necessary time and effort.

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