Bizarre Calendars you don’t want in your home

Have you ever walked into a home that had a calendar on a table or wall which made you go “What was this person thinking?!”?

Some calendars that exist out there, in all honesty, are just plain weird, and here are a few of those calendars that you might want to seriously consider not purchasing for your home.

 (Although some people do put weird paintings and other bizarre things on their walls, so each to their own I guess).

1) 365 Days of Extreme Cakes 2014 Wall Calendar

365 days of extreme cakes 2014 wall calendarThe Extreme Cakes calendar has 365 pages showcasing the different designs of cakes for each date. First of all it’s weird why a person would want to see cakes every day of the year, but this calendar is really not recommended simply because looking at cakes every day will tempt you into indulging in sugary delights, just adding to your waistline…

However if you love cakes, you’ll find the Extreme Cake calendar here

2) Outhouses 2014 Wall Calendar

outhouses 2014 wall calendar

This 2014 wall calendar showcases images of different outhouses (toilets). Seriously? It’s a wonder why people would want to create a calendar out of images of traditional toilets. Not only is the image that comes to mind unpleasant, (for some) it might be distasteful to display outhouses in plain sight anywhere in the home.

Having said that, I guess it all depends on what you find funny…

If outhouses are your thing, you’ll find this 2014 calendar here

3) What’s Your Poo Telling You 2014 Desk Calendar

whats your poo telling you 2012 daily calendar

Another desk calendar celebrating things that really shouldn’t be celebrated out in the open. This calendar has different bits of information regarding poo, also known as feces, for every date of the year.

While it’s good to gather general knowledge, I’m not sure how a year’s worth of poo trivia is going to help your dinner conversations. But then again, I guess it depends on where you are and who you’re with!

This bizarre 2014 desk calendar is available right here

5) Cow Abductions 2012 Wall Calendar

cow abductions 2012 wall calendarA 2012 wall calendar that showcases twelve official (or “official”, who knows) photo-documented images of cows being abducted by aliens. This could seem rather tacky, and the calendar descriptions probably say it all.

Spare yourself from being embarrassed when people laugh at your calendar. (On the other hand, it could be a real hit with your guests!)

To be honest a cow abduction calendar is the type of calendar I would buy

6) Six Word Memoirs 2012 Desk Calendar

six word memoirs 2012 desk calendarThis desk calendar comprises six word memoirs that are sarcastic or clever in nature. Though it may be interesting to read, it might not be really appropriate to look at it every day of the year.

Hmm, do you seriously want to be thinking about impending death every day? Not a fun way to live, as funny as these memoirs are.

Find the Six Word Memoirs 2012 Desk Calendar here

7) Who Farted? 2012 Wall Calendar

who farted 2012 wall calendarThis unique calendar has a picture of someone farting in public for each month of the year, with a button which when pressed gets the calendar to play one of the fifteen different fart sounds incorporated into the calendar.

No explanation needed as to why this calendar is bizarre and really should not be in your home. (Might make a good gift for certain friends though!)

Gift the Who Farted 2012 wall calendar to your friends here

There you have it, 7 really bizarre real calendars that you really don’t want to buy and look at the whole year long. While you may get one of these calendars if it showcases your humorous and quirky personality, the rest of your friends might not find these so tasteful. Life, however, does take all sorts, so don’t be ashamed if you have one in your home.

At the end of the day, calendars are to be looked at the entire year, so it’s important to pick one that isn’t too weird, not just for you but for others visiting your home as well!

What’s your thoughts on these bizarre calendars?

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