About Martin

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So about me (Martin)

I’m basically a highly creative case-study with a wicked enthusiasm for all the good things in life. I’ve been fortunate to explore and photograph places you might never see in a lifetime or two. (See my travel photography here)

We’re talking from Chittagong (ship-breaking yards) in Bangladesh to the Kumbh Mela, near Allahabad in India (held once every 12 years), where I spent most of the time with just one small bumbag as my other gear was aboard a plane destined elsewhere.

I could go on about India all day and night but we’ll leave that for a rainy day. My enthusiasm to be a professional explorer led me to beautiful New Zealand, pushed me to live in Thailand for 6+ years, not to mention a few other amazing countries that are worth raving about.

When I live in a country, I don’t follow the tourist route. I immerse myself in the social fabric of the community, learn the language and the customs, and get to see road less travelled.

Indeed, there’s more to talk about but for now, this will suffice. (Yep, I’m the one on the right).

printable calendar dude in Thailand

You never go wrong by doing the right thing — Scott Kelby

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