6 Time Savings Tips for Everyday Life

Have you ever been late for work, school or an overseas flight? Have too many things to do with too little time? Here are a few tips and tricks to make things run much easier and smoother.

Always be prepared

It may not seem much but making sure that all your things are prepared the day before ensures that you get to leave home when you absolutely need to. No more last minute printing of your flight itinerary when you’re about to walk out the door. Missing a flight isn’t fun – I know, I’ve done it. (Never again though!) Time lost plus airfare cost equates to lots of dollars…

For people who are disorganized, this may be one of the hardest things to do but there are some things that can be easily followed through to stay organized. How many times have you lost your keys, not knowing where you placed it after getting home?

You can try putting a hook, a bowl or a table near your door. If you’re sharing with other people then keep one inside your room. Just imagine how easier your life could be when you know where your keys are all the time. Not only do you save yourself time but this might even be life saving.

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Stay organized

Set alarms

If you’re a sleepyhead like me then one alarm is not enough. I setup multiple alarms to wake me up at different time intervals. These alarms are of course dependent on how much time you need to get ready. For example, mine is set up 2 hours before my work, then 30 minutes after that then every 15 minutes with three times snooze option for each alarm at 5 minutes intervals!

It sounds a bit much but to me it’s not. It actually has a dual purpose. When I’m sleeping, I find it easier to get up after my sleep has been disrupted several times. When I’m awake it serves as a reminder for me to get moving. It’s easy to lose track of time.

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Condition your mind

All these things will help you save time and get to work on time, but if your mind is conditioned otherwise then you will always find a way to be late. An example is a buzzer beater mindset. You will always wait until the last minute to leave home even if you have just been lounging around the house for the past 30 minutes doing nothing.

Trick your mind into thinking you have to be at the office at an earlier time for one reason or another. If that doesn’t work then give yourself a reason to be there early. Say, you have been eyeing that new gadget that came out. Why not tell yourself you can get that if you manage to go to work on-time everyday for the next 6 months?

Plan your menu and make batches

How many times have you had to eat out or skip breakfast because you didn’t prepare or don’t have enough time? Planning your menu ahead saves you a lot of time when you know what you are making ahead of time.

This also gives you the opportunity to choose easy to make meals when under a time constraint. Better yet, you can make some things in advance and then have them packed and ready to go when needed. Planning ahead means a single trip to the grocery and buying only the essentials.

Keep a calendar in plain sight

This serves as your reminder and keeps you on track on what you need to do for that day, that week or even that month. Doing so means you are able to squeeze together similar activities. This will ultimately save you time and money.

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