2014 Calendar: How to holiday like Justin Bieber

Our 2014 calendar template is Adobe PDF formatted and instantly downloadable.

Simply download and print. Add your own plans and projects. Print as you need. Bookmark this site for when you need more calendar templates.

Calendars To Print offers you free printable calendars carefully formatted for your needs. (PS. See below for the Justin Bieber


Whether you’re after downloadable calendars or need better time management, our calendars are easily printed on any printer after download.

The 2014 calendar looks like:

2 months to a page:

2014 calendar blank 2 months to a page

1 month to a page:

2014 calendar blank 1 month to a page

2014 calendar year
Download your calendar here – it’s completely free.

2014 calendar 2 months to a page (A4)
2014 calendar 1 month to a page (A4)

The 2014 calendar comes in a Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Download to your hard drive
and open and print. All you need to do is add in your own details, dates and projects.

How to use your 2014 calendar:

This calendar template comes in A4 (Euro) size with 2 different versions: Click the download link to get your calendar. And by the way, make sure to tell your friends about this site too by Liking us on Facebook or Google Plus!

The particular calendar 2014 template above is a full year calendar starting at December 2013 and finishing January 2015. This calendar comes unzipped as a simple Adobe PDF. Choose either 1 month to a page or 2 months to a page.

“No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one.” — Elbert Hubbard.

Wondering where to vacation?

Does Justin Bieber

have a dream vacation spot? And what about you? Where is your dream vacation — where are you heading in 2013 and 2014?

It’s tricky sometimes, trying to work out where to go. Of course there’s always the close your eyes, spin a globe technique where you let your finger land on a continent somewhere. But that’s for wimps. Here at Calendar To Print we like to plan our adventures with a little more detail.

Like, for example:

Vacation factors to consider

1. Money factor – how much cashola you have available loaded into the Amex or Cash Passport card (those cash passport cards sure do come in handy!)

2. Favorite time of year – I mean, if it’s freezing where you are maybe you want to hit a hot climate. And vice versa. Or the airline had a tempting offer on sale (a frenetic Friday Frenzy) so you grabbed it, dictating when you travel, end of story.

3. Beach, mountain or nature? — Beaches are boring, unless you want to hit the oceans with snorkel and scuba. Go on, explore remote coves, shipwrecked treasure and get some salt on your skin. Beaches could mean a chance run-in with Justin Bieber segway-ing on Venice Beach too. That would be surreal.

4. Friends overseas – This one takes the friendship cake. Local knowledge always remedies a situation. They’ll know where to hang, best cafes, places to stay that don’t cost the earth. No need to stay with them the entire time, but stop in on your way. They’ll advise some great places to visit beyond the obvious must-see-tourist-areas.

Choose your own schedule

justin bieber segway venice beachCan’t really promise it’ll all work out shiny and clean with breathtaking views like the “perfect vacation” but our 2014 calendar blanks will still help you plan out some groovy stuff to do when 2014 rocks up.

That’s the thing though – you got to plan ahead – especially when buying that airline ticket.

If you’re not sure when to depart (who knows what the future will bring anyway right?) then just pencil in a vacation 6 months down the track.

You’ll absorb the vacation into your life agenda – it might even be an adventure that’s beyond your wildest dreams.

All adventures pretty much are anyway, right?

See you at Venice Beach with Justin Bieber


“A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.”
— Robert Orben.

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